FAQ (Boss Spray Rig)

Availability of Parts?

Avail. Parts - As close as your local hardware store. - If a large unit like pump were to go out - it can be ordered from SprayFoamEquipment.com and it will be shipped almost overnight - Service is what we are all about.

Do you have tech support and can we pick up the rig once it's put together, if so where?

Tech support from the man who invented the BOSS- Eric Bentson-with a full Technical support team located in Louisiana and Jason Spiller in Montana.

How long is the training school and where it's located?

The training school last approx. 1/2 days.. If you ask a lot of questions could go 1 days - before you leave there, you will know this machine inside and out. (Location: Calhoun, LA or Billings, MT)

How long will it take to get spray foam rig after ordered?

It takes us about 7-10 days to put one of our custom built trailer package together - we want it done right.

Projected longevity of machine,

This machine was tested for at least 4 years - and introduce to the Market Place ( after all the testing) about a little over a year ago.. There has been approx. 100 units sold to the Foam Market SprayFoamEquipment.com has sold over 3 units over the past month. Everyday contractors around the USA are hearing about the BOSS machine and we are sending out info everyday on the BOSS Machine.

What type of gun Is included?

We have been using the Graco Fusion Gun - we are working and testing several others - as soon as we find a better gun that works better - we will be using this gun.